Scientists are explorers, adventurers. The Magellans and Columbuses of biology, geology, medicine, physics; atmospherics, botany, chemistry, technology, mathematics. Some journey out to the fringes of the universe, others travel deep into our DNA.
After the bestselling success of their book Alphabetical Sydney, Antonia Pesenti and Hilary Bell turned their eyes towards the local shops to create Numerical Street, paying homage to the ‘ordinary and unremarked’ streetscapes of Australia. Here’s how it all happened ... 
In late September 2015 Kelly O’Dwyer was appointed Minister for Small Business as part of new Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull’s Cabinet reshuffle. The appointment of a woman in this position is both significant and appropriate. Recent statistics show that one third of new ...
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Throughout history, there have been a multitude of scientific theories that have changed the world. Scientists living in the time period now known as the scientific revolution were responsible for many of these innovative ideas about biology, medicine, anatomy, physics and astronomy.
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When I was a kid my mum used to say I’d either be very successful or end up in jail.
I’ve walked most parts of the south-east region of New South Wales and I’ve enjoyed its classic walks. Some places nobody else has visited for a very long time. But nothing prepared me for the astounding diversity of landscapes and nature I found ...
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Anthony Bond was the first curator of contemporary international art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. His book The Idea of Art explores how he built the collection and, through interviews with some of the key artists in the collection, offers important insights ...
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Why another book about Sidney Nolan? That was my immediate response when NewSouth Publishing suggested I write one. In the UK, my art and publishing world friends had a single response: ‘Of course you must.’

The history of Basser, Philip Baxter and Goldstein colleges –the Kensington Colleges– is a history about people. Residential college life promises much more than bed and board; it enables students to find community, broadens horizons, offers academic support and sculpts career choices. For students arriving from the bush or overseas ...


Call for entries: introducing the UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing

Current Affairs
I’m not racist, but ...
Tim Soutphommasane

Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner, Tim Soutphommasane, reflects on race, multiculturalism and how the law has attempted to deal with discrimination in his new book I'm Not Racist But ... 40 years of the Racial Discrimination Act.


Illicit downloading is theft and we must back new laws to stop it.

Black and proud
Klugman and Osmond

20 years after Indigenous AFL footballer Nicky Winmar stood up against racial abuse and made history, Adam Goodes experienced a grim redux.

Phillipa McGuinness

Have we forgotten how to pay for content? Phillipa McGuinness considers the future of creativity in the internet age.


Newcastle in New South Wales is a city that has seen its fair share of radical action. But what does it mean to be ‘radical’ today? And why has Newcastle been the site for so much grassroots radicalism over the decades?Radical Newcastle,edited by James Bennett, Nancy Cushing and ...


The tall poppy syndrome refers to the Australian habit of cutting self-important people down to size. So adept are we at this particular exercise that we even do it to language. Many an inflated word has been strutting around our nation, smug and self-assured because of how many syllables it ...


Michele Gierck chronicles a mother's and a daughter's journey through memory loss and the medical maze.