By human standards, the Universe is an absurd place. Not only in its vast tracts of empty space and the strangeness of the celestial objects it harbours, but in almost any other attribute you care to mention. Size, temperature, density, pressure, complexity, radiation, speed – you ...
The photographs of our youth are compelling, elusive and cunningly tricky. Each photograph in this wonderful collection powerfully evokes half-remembered truths, halffaded yearnings, at the same time tempting us with a honeysweet nostalgia for places and times that can never be found again. The captivating ...
UNSW Press is pleased to announce the contributors featured in The Best Australian Science Writing 2019 anthology:
Eradicating modern slavery is one of the big challenges of our time.
When in 2005 Parragirl Bonney Djuric climbed on top of some rubbish bins and jumped the fence into the yard of Parramatta Girls Home, she remembered ‘Peering up at its imposing façade … a place where at the age of fifteen I had spent eight ...
Just this week I was again confronted – twice – with the realities of what can go wrong when we feed wild birds. I was contacted by someone who had heard me talking about this topic on the radio and thought I might have an opinion. They ...

This book is about fear – principally fear of firearms – and what can and should be done to reduce that fear.


The human longing for the mysterious, liberating joy of wild nature has always fascinated me. So much of art, literature and music originate from this longing, but even on a daily level, most people love to have a break in the beauty of nature. And yet we live in a ...


O ‘Arcadian Adelaide,’ may you improve – may


Wandering between two worlds, one dead, the other powerless to be born


It was of course totally impossible to turn Andy Griffiths’ and Terry Denton’s best-selling children’s book,The 13-Storey Treehouse, into a play. Apart from a multi-level treehouse with a bowling alley, a secret underground laboratory and a tank full of man-eating sharks, the story requires a mermaid, a ...

Refugee Rights and Policy Wrongs
Jane McAdam and Fiona Chong

no one leaves home unless

Chasing Webtopia
Peter Lewis

One of the frustrating parts of writing a book is that once it is finished it’s set in stone while the rest of the world keeps on spinning out of control. Since I signed off on the final proofs ofWebtopiaover summer, what I describe as the ‘worldwide wreck of ...

Writing Bedlam
James Dunk

Whenever I tell someone I’m writing about madness they often nod agreeably – and then double-take. Did you say ‘madness’? I quickly fill the silence, which I assume comes from confusion and not disinterest, with my elevator pitch: my book,Bedlam at Botany Bay, is a history of madness in ...

Sue Smith

The story of Charmian Clift and George Johnston and their dream of a life of creative freedom on a Greek island first caught my attention over twenty years ago. Like so many other Australians, I found my imagination fired by the scale of their love story, the scale of their ...