Photograph by Lisa Maree Williams, Getty Images
It’s the end of the drama. The results are in.
In these days of increased intelligence powers, a ballooning national security budget, a giant new ASIO headquarters in Canberra, and endless discussions about WikiLeaks and the right to know, I wanted to look at the effects of spying on those who have been its targets ...
Archaeopteryx has been called the most important fossil ever found, not least because of what it tells us about dinosaurs. This prehistoric animal had wings and feathers, but also the long bony tail and teeth of a reptile. Its similarity to  Compsognathus,  a small dinosaur ...
Rooftop terrace and swimming pool of the Wynyard Travelodge, Sydney. Photo by Max Dupain. Constructional Review, June 1969.
Spaces of leisure and pleasure, which were products of commercial and private enterprise, appeared in Sydney during the decades of 'the long boom', dramatically transforming the landscape from 1945 to 1970.
Photograph by William Nguyen-Phuoc
An interview with Tess Lea, author of 'Darwin', the final book in the acclaimed city series.
Artist unknown, Azure Kingfisher, 1790s. 'Lambert's Drawings', Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW, vol. 2
The sudden emergence of a large, previously unknown collection of New South Wales natural history drawings from the library of a now forgotten botanist has some stories to tell us about the earliest years of the colony in Sydney Cove.
The Great Transition
Mark Diesendorf

It is time to undertake the Great Transition from energy systems based on fossil fuels to ecologically sustainable systems. Fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas – initially served us well, providing the basis for industrial society. However, we are now well beyond the point where their adverse environmental, social and economic ...


It is half time at the long-running trial of former Murdoch executives Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, and five others, on charges of phone hacking, bribery and destroying evidence. The long-anticipated trial finally began on 28 October last year, and the prosecution has now finished its case, with the defence ...


American curator Andrew Robison describes Piranesi’s work as ‘extraordinary in composition, expression, draughtsmanship, tonality, texture and technique – not only in the history of graphic art but in the history of all the arts’, and identifies him as ‘the most important artist to make his reputation almost entirely on the ...

An Australia Day tradition
Cheater and Debenham

Every year on Australia Day, hundreds of sailing craft of all sizes take to the waters of Sydney Harbour to celebrate a tradition that has been taking place for over 175 years. Today known as the Australia Day Regatta, this spectacle was first held on 26 January 1837 when a ...


Actor and theatre director John Bell spoke of how vital Loudon Sainthill's work was in his own artistic journey, in this speech delivered at the launch of Fantasy Modern: Loudon Sainthill’s theatre of art and life, available now from NewSouth.


Citiesare great subjects for literary non-fiction – most Australians live in them – but, when it comes to writing about cities, they are usually given the guidebook treatment, rather than prompting memorable pieces of writing. So the inspiration for this series was literary, not some pointy-headed urge to make a grand statement ...


Science is full of extraordinary stories – stories of explanation; stories of innovation; stories of the microcosmic and the macrocosmic and everywhere in between. They talk about the past, the present or the future, and often with some of the most interesting and compelling characters you could find. They unravel our ...

Better assessment for all
Henry, Marshall, Ramburuth

The university sector around the world is facing significant challenges. Political, cultural, economic and technological factors have created an environment that requires each university to rethink strategic directions at many levels, including how the institution is managed, how teaching is delivered, where sustainable funding sources can be found and what ...


The rapid rise of the Australian pastime of surf bathing, which began on Sydney’s beaches and spread north and south, was revolutionary. The beaches were free in the way that baths were not and much was made of their democratic origins. They became places where social codes of decorum ...