It's time that we had a conversation about gender and political leadership. Even though historically Australia has been a world leader when it comes to providing women with political rights, more can, and must, be done. Over the last year, Australian politics has been ...
I first met Hugh and Janny Poate in early 2013, just a few months after their only son Robbie had been murdered in cold blood in Afghanistan by Taliban sleeper and Afghan National Army Sergeant Hekmatullah in a so-called ‘green on blue’ incident.
I have been writing about Australian soldiers of the Second World War for more than 30 years, and the figure of Tom ‘Diver’ Derrick VC DCM has loomed large throughout that time. My writings have covered a broad range of topics concerning those hundreds of ...
Climate grief. It’s not a term I’d heard much about. Until I was felled by it.
There is an established tradition in European Australia of representing the continental landscape as a place not only of great physical size, but also of silence, deep and broad. Its towering beauty is undeniable, yet that same quality is said to hide spaces of mystery ...

Surprise is a good thing in writing. It means you’re learning, that you’re debunking myths and challenging your expectations and assumptions. InThe Missing Among UsI dive into the mysterious world of missing persons, from the Australian bush to missing children, cults and the Stolen Generations. Over the years ...


Nobody can deny that 9/11 was a watershed, but it’s too easy to speak in verities about what it meant and means, particularly to the generation born after it.Coming of Age in the War on Terroris based on face-to-face, in-depth interviews and writing workshops I conducted with ...


As a science writer, it’s easy to see science’s hand in all that we do. But 2020, perhaps more than any year in living memory, has thrust science to the fore. The pandemic and its rippling consequences have seen bathtubs-full of ink consumed, screens-full of pixels composed. Some ...

Tanya Plibersek

Upturn: A better normal after COVID-19 edited by Tanya Plibersek



Amanda Laugesen

In March, Australian satirical news websiteThe Chaserdeclared ‘Oh fuck’ the Word of the Year for 2020. ‘It now accounts for 50% of all words used in the English language’, they commented. And since it was already a clear winner, why wait until the end of the year to declare it ...

Living with the Anthropocene
Cameron Muir, Kirsten Wehner, Jenny Newell

It feels like a threshold has been crossed. The staggering scale and depth of the devastation wrought in last summer’s bushfires, followed by a global pandemic with likely origins in industrial food chains and exploitation of animals, revealed - in visceral ways - nature in turmoil. And human activities are at ...


The 2020s have begun with a painful barrage of crises, and a storm of helplessness. Tragically, it comes after a year in which a collective drumbeat for climate action was beginning to form. What a hit to our will, and our strength. So many Australians were forced to flee from ...

Katerina Bryant

Hysteria is a twisted snake of a word. It’s dated but used today. It’s gendered; it’s offensive.  But in a way, it describes me.