Jean and Keith Gierck: author's collection
Michele Gierck chronicles a mother's and a daughter's journey through memory loss and the medical maze.
Bilby5/Wikimedia Commons
The 2012 collapse of Gunns Ltd, Australia’s largest timber company, was a major national news story. Gunns had already been dogged  by controversy for more than a decade, not only because of the pulp mill saga, but because of its poor environmental practices and ...
George Williams argues the case for constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians.
Black Hole Outburst in Spiral Galaxy M83 (Creative Commons)
Entries are now open for the Bragg Prize and the Best Australian Science Writing 2015 anthology.
Phar Lap, c. 1930. State Library of Victoria.
After the running of the 2014 Melbourne Cup, horses found themselves at the forefront of the news – and not necessarily for the right reasons. The deaths of two horses after the race provoked some hysterical comments and irrational arguments, not least of which were statements ...
Black Mtn and Albert Hall from Parliament House, c. 1950. State Library of Victoria.
The 1920s were still roaring when Canberra became Australia’s national capital and, if you know the right places, you can feel those first passions of the new city still. In March 1928,  prime minister Stanley Melbourne Bruce declared open the city’s ‘town hall ...
In conversation
Alasdair McGregor

An interview with the author of A Forger's Progress, the celebrated new biography of Australia's first government architect, Francis Greenway.


Recently when I was in Canberra for the launch of Ian Chubb’s Science Strategy, the Minister for Industry Ian Macfarlane reminded us all that we should all try harder to communicate a vision for science. He isn’t the first politician to remind us of this and he is ...

Shark attack
Caroline Ford

From feared as a menace to championed by conservationists and surfers, the author of Sydney Beaches looks at our shifting attitudes to sharks.


Highly respected art curator Barry Pearce provides a personal tour of 100 of his favourite Australian paintings from the walls and vaults of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, including these two works by Grace Cossington Smith.

Jewels on Queen
Anne Schofield

Anne Schofield, Australia's best-known antique jewellery expert, unlocks the cabinets in her exclusive Sydney shop in Queen Street, Woollahra and reveals the favourite pieces of jewellery she has bought, sold and collected over 50 years.


From the furthest reaches of the universe to the microscopic world of our genes, science offers writers the kind of scope other subjects simply can’t match. Good writing about science can be moving, funny, exhilarating or poetic, but it will always be honest and rigorous about the research that ...


Jane McAdam and Fiona Chong reject spin and panic to provide a straightforward and balanced account of Australia's asylum policies in light of international law.

Australians in Asia
Agnieszka Sobocinska

​A million Australians went to Bali last year, following the millions of others who have made their way across Asia over the past century.


In November 1941 HMAS Sydney, the pride of Australia's wartime fleet, and its crew of 645 disappeared without a trace off the Western Australian coast.