NewSouth has been named Small Publisher of the Year at the 2017 Australian Book Industry Awards. The award was presented at a gala dinner held at the Art Gallery of NSW on May 25.
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As Paul Irish writes, Aboriginal people have lived in Sydney throughout its European history and the traces of this history are all around us. 
Thank you to David Stephens and Alison Broinowski for inviting me to launch their provocative, combative and myth-bustingHonest History Book. It’s a punchy collection of essays by some of our very best historians.
We’re here to talk about two things: Louis Nowra, one of our finest writers, and Woolloomooloo, which he’s documented in his new book.
Politics in 1950s Adelaide was a gentlemanly affair. The Premier, Thomas Playford, and Labor’s Mick O’Halloran faced each other in four election campaigns between 1950 and 1959. More surprisingly, they dined together each week to discuss Playford’s future plans for South Australia ...
I was born into the Catholic tribe. For all my moral failings and run-ins with Church authorities, I have remained a cheerful member of that tribe. About ten years ago I began to ask myself what I actually believed. What were the central, the defining ...
I want to thank Liz for asking me to launchAtomic Thunder and, more importantly, thank her for the service she has done the nation by writing it.
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Once upon a time, Australia suddenly found itself at the heart of a secret and shocking story. The story was about geopolitics and seismic realignments of global power. It was about science and war. It was about colonialism and the media and the outback and ...
Tim Carmody’s appointment as Chief Justice by then-premier Campbell Newman rocked the community, drawing public criticism from senior and respected lawyers and judges. While many praised Carmody as a personable and likable man, some brutal assessments were made as to whether he had the ...

Science uncovers the secrets of the universe. But it is science writing that shines a light on those discoveries, and the activity of science itself, opening it up to the eager eyes of the general public.

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Amanda Webster

In 2012, after an absence of nearly four decades,I returned to my birthplace, Kalgoorlie, to reconnect with Bronwyn Newland, a Wongi woman, and Tony Ugle, a Noongar man, both former school friends. On the plane with me was Gregory Ugle, a Noongar elder and Tony’s older brother, whom ...


From the 1920s,  Kate Leigh  made a fortune from sly grog, cocaine and prostitution, challenging the assumption that serious crime was a man’s domain. Of all the rules she broke in her life, Leigh’s most significant one is that she was a crime boss in an underworld dominated ...


Small Publisher of the Year is awarded to the publisher with a turnover of less than $10 million whose publishing program demonstrated excellence over the course of the year and which contributed to the overall success of the industry during that period.


Armenia… that’s a country in, what, the Caucasus, right? Is that Central Asia? Where there’s a war with Azerbaijan over somewhere, or something, called Nagorno Karabakh?


Q & A with Inside the Vault's Creative Director Frederica Heacock 


How are we to think about first act of terrorist murder in Australia – a cataclysmic crime that inexplicably remains unsolved?

Changing Stereotypes
Shakira Hussein

British Prime Minister David Cameron’sreported referenceto ‘the traditional submissiveness of Muslim women’ highlights both continuity and change in attitudes towards Muslim women.