Stuck at home and keen to get stuck into a good book? Take your pick from this list of NewSouth's top 25 best-selling e-books, on sale for just $9.99 until the end of May.


An Australian Band of Brothers: Don Company, Second 43rd Battalion, 9th Division

Mark Johnston

This riveting book follows a small group of Australian front-line soldiers from their enlistment in the dark days of 1940 to the end of World War II.

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The Australian Students' Guide to Writing and Grammar  

Claire Duffy

Children, parents and teachers will learn all they need to know about grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence construction in this easy-to-use and fun guide.

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The Bible in Australia: A cultural history

Meredith Lake

In this surprising and revelatory history of the Bible in Australia, Meredith Lake gets under the skin of a text that's been read, wrestled with, preached and tattooed, and believed to be everything from a resented imposition to the very Word of God.

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Cosmic Chronicles: A user's guide to the Universe

Fred Watson

In Cosmic Chronicles, Fred Watson – Australia’s Astronomer-at-Large and bestselling author – explores the hottest topics in space science and astronomy.

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The Crow Eaters: A journey through South Australia

Ben Stubbs

Combining his own travel across the million-square kilometres of the state with an investigation of its history, Ben Stubbs seeks to find out what South Australia is really like.

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Dr Space Junk vs The Universe: Archaeology and the future

Alice Gorman

Erudite and playful, Dr Space Junk reveals that space is not as empty as we might think. And that by looking up and studying space artefacts, we learn an awful lot about our own culture on earth.

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Feeding the Birds at Your Table: A guide for Australia

Darryl Jones

Feeding the Birds at Your Table provides detailed, comprehensive advice and suggestions for people wishing to feed wild birds in Australia from their own backyards and balconies.

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Frank & Fearless

Nicholas Cowdery, with Rachael Jane Chin

In Frank & Fearless, Cowdery reflects on some of the most notorious and difficult cases of his distinguished career, including the headline-grabbing criminal trials of Gordon Wood, Keli Lane and Jeffrey Gilham.

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The Future of Us: Demography gets a makeover

Liz Allen

Bold, fearless and revealing, The Future of Us sets out future possibilities for a better us … just like a Choose Your Own Adventure, but for the nation.

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The Joy of High Places

Patti Miller

In this extraordinary and unexpected book, Patti tells the story of her own long-distance walking over hundreds of kilometres in Europe and of her brother’s struggle to walk again following a tragic paragliding accident.

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Law in War: Freedom and restriction in Australia during the Great War

Catherine Bond

Engaging and revelatory, Law in War holds those who wrote the laws to account, exposing the sheer breadth and impact of this wartime legal regime, the injustices of which linger to this day.

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The Memory Pool: Australian stories of summer, sun and swimming

Therese Spruhan

This delightful, nostalgic anthology brings together reflections and recollections about the swimming pools of childhood from a range of Australians including Trent Dalton, Shane Gould and Merrick Watts.

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Net Privacy: How we can be free in an age of surveillance

Sacha Molitorisz

Of urgent importance, this book spells out conceptual and practical steps to ensure our shared future is not dystopian.

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On Track: Searching out the Bundian Way

John Blay

On Track tells the story of John Blay's long-distance search for the Bundian Way, an important Aboriginal pathway between Mt Kosciuszko and Twofold Bay near Eden on the New South Wales far south coast.

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Paper Emperors: The Rise of Australia's Newspaper Empires

Sally Young

Written with verve and insight, this magisterial book reveals how Australia’s media system came to be dominated by a handful of empires and powerful family dynasties.

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Pathfinders: A history of Aboriginal trackers in NSW

Michael Bennett

Pathfinders brings the skilled and diverse work of trackers not only to the forefront of law enforcement history but to the general shared histories of black and white Australia.

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Scatterbrain: How the mind's mistakes make humans creative, innovative and successful

Henning Beck

In this mind-bending book, award-winning neuroscientist Henning Beck explains why perfectionism is pointless – and argues that mistakes, missteps and flaws are the keys to success.

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The Seventies: The personal, the political and the making of modern Australia

Michelle Arrow

In a lively and engaging style, Michelle Arrow has written a new history of this transformative decade; one that is more urgent, and more resonant, than ever.

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Slam Your Poetry: Write a revolution

Miles Merrill and Narcisa Nozica

Part how-to guide, part masterclass, part manifesto, this book will help teachers, students and wannabe spoken word artists of all ages slam like a pro.

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The Snowy: A history

Siobhán McHugh

The Snowy: A History tells the extraordinary story of the mostly migrant workforce who built one of the world's engineering marvels.

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Stop Being Reasonable

Eleanor Gordon-Smith

Inspiring, moving and perceptive, Stop Being Reasonable is a mind-changing exploration of the murky place where philosophy and real life meet.

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The Thinking Woman

Julienne van Loon

In this extraordinary book, Julienne van Loon engages with the work of six leading contemporary thinkers and writers, interrogating and enlivening their ideas on love, play, fear, work, wonder and friendship.

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Webtopia: The worldwide wreck of tech and how to make the net work

Peter Lewis

Riveting and wise, Webtopia traces our digital journey to this crisis point and, fearlessly, marks out a better route from here.

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Wild Sea: A history of the Southern Ocean

Joy McCann

Weaving together sea captains' journals, explorers' letters, scientific research and ancient beliefs with her own voyage of discovery, Joy McCann reveals the secrets of a little-known ocean and its importance as a barometer of climate change.

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