Proposals for publishing a book with NewSouth Publishing will need to fit our current non-fiction publishing program. Here are some guidelines.

  • While our program is broad, we are not currently accepting submissions for new textbooks, personal memoirs or books based on family history research.
  • We do not publish fiction, children’s literature, cookbooks, self-help or poetry.
  • We generally do not publish books based on PhD theses or other academic outputs unless they have been substantially rewritten or comprehensively revised for a general audience of readers. 

Please do not send a complete manuscript, as unsolicited manuscripts will not be returned or acknowledged.

Proposals for submission should include:

  • a short synopsis or rationale (one to two pages)
  • two sample chapters
  • proposed length (number of words)
  • a detailed chapter breakdown
  • samples and details of illustrations, diagrams or tables (not originals)
  • an assessment of the intended audience
  • summary of strengths and weaknesses of competing/similar titles
  • suggestions for possible reviewers of the proposal
  • a brief author resumé including relevant experience (such as media experience and contacts) and previous publications.

Send your completed proposal by email to You will receive an automated email acknowledging receipt. If you send a proposal by post, we will not acknowledge the submission on receipt.

We will contact you within twelve weeks only if we wish to proceed further with your proposal. If you haven't heard from us, don't despair, there are lots of alternative avenues open to authors wanting to develop or publish their work.

Authors seeking advice about their manuscripts and proposals should contact the NSW Writers' Centre, which has a manuscript assessment service and mentorship program: