The Best Australian Science Writing 2017: authors announced

Michael Slezak


I'm thrilled to announce the stunning list of authors selected for publication in The Best Australian Science Writing 2017. 

With Australian specialist journalism going through an ongoing and difficult transition, it is heartening to have the opportunity to edit this year’s anthology, publishing a diverse and talented group of authors who have captured the scientific developments of the past year with flair, precision and insight. 

Among the authors contributing to the collection, we have some of Australia’s top scientists, journalists, philosophers and writers. 

Many of the biggest issues Australia faced in the year are captured in their writing – like Walkley-award winning journalist Jo Chandler’s boots-on-the-ground examination of the devastating death climate change wrought on the Great Barrier Reef.

Our preconceptions about things as central to daily life like gender are challenged in different ways by scientist Rob Brooks and by philosopher Cordelia Fine. 

Your moral judgments – and how they should apply to non-human animals – is examined by world-leading philosopher Peter Singer. 

Foreign worlds are made to feel intimately connected to our own by acclaimed novelist James Bradley, who examines scientific advances revealing the mental life of fish and journalist Elle Hunt, who gets up-close and personal with cephalopods in Sydney Harbour. 

Intricate and rich stories are weaved by space archaeologist Alice Gorman and journalist Elmo Keep. 

And that is just a taste of what we have in The Best Australian Science Writing 2017.

Our full set of authors are:

Adam Morton, Alice Gorman, Alice Klein, Andrew Stafford, Ann Jones, Bianca Nogrady, Cathal O’Connell, Cordelia Fine, Darren Saunders, Elizabeth Finkel, Elle Hunt, Elmo Keep, Felicity Nelson, Ivy Shih, James Bradley, James Mitchell Crow, Jo Chandler, Joel Werner and Tiger Webb, John Long, John Pickrell, Karl Mathiesen, Kemal Atlay, Laura Parker, Nicole Gill, Peter Ellerton, Peter Hannam, Peter Singer, Ray Norris, Rob Brooks, Robert Fuller, Shanta Barley and Jessica Meeuwig, Simon Torok