The 2016 contributor list is out!

NewSouth staff




NewSouth congratulates the writers included in the Best Australian Science Writing 2016, edited by Jo Chandler.


Now in its sixth year, The Best Australian Science Writing 2016 brings together knowledge and insights from Australia’s brightest thinkers as they explore the intricacies of the world around us.

The contributor list for 2016 is: 


Magdelena Ball

James Bradley

Michael Cook

Craig Cormick

Wilson da Silva 

Paul Daley

Peter Doherty

Susan Double 

Ella Finkel 

Hazel Flynn 

Sophia Frentz

Alice Gorman

Nicole Gill 

Brian Hawkins

Ashley Hay 

Karen Hitchcock

Leah Kaminsky 

Elmo Keep

William Laurance

Geraint Lewis

Kathy Marks

Jane McCredie

Fiona McMillan

Andrew McMillen

Adam Morton

Danielle Moylan

Bianca Nogrady

Gilbert Price

Roger Pulvers

Michael Slezak

Belinda Smith

Ling Sun

Tas van Ommen

Rob Walker 

Margaret Wertheim

Wendy Zukerman 


The shortlist for the 2016 Bragg Prize will be annouced soon - stay tuned!