Best Australian Science Writing 2015: Call for entries

Bianca Nogrady


Entries are now open for the Bragg Prize and the Best Australian Science Writing 2015 anthology.

It often starts with a single thread: a throwaway line in an interview, an aside in an article, a statistic buried in the convoluted bowels of a report, or a niggling thought that comes to you in the wee hours and refuses to be silenced.

A science writer follows that thread to reveal the intricate warp and weft that make up every good science story. Perhaps the story is a simple, joyous journey of discovery, but it could equally be a far more complex and shaded tapestry of intrigue, scandal, triumph and failure.

Whatever the colour or weave of your science story, I want to read it, and so I’m delighted to throw open the doors of The Best Australian Science Writing 2015 anthology, and call for your submissions.

I’m looking for science writing from all corners and dimensions of science; from the big picture to the intimately personal; from scientists and non-scientists; from poetry to prose, and everything in between.

I’m interested in news stories, features, blogs, opinion pieces, poems, short stories, book chapters and excerpts published since 1 January 2014. Soon-to-be published works will also be considered. Maximum length is 7000 words, but brevity is also appreciated.

Entries published between 1 April 2014 and 31 March 2015 will also be eligible for Bragg UNSW Press Prize for Science Writing, which offers a first prize of $7000 and two runner-up prizes of $1500 each. To download a Bragg Prize entry form, click here.

Please send your submissions or questions to bianca+BASW[at] by 31 March 2015, or visit for more information.